The Cellar Door - Horror Movie Trailer

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Uploaded on January 15, 2008 by monterey media

'One of the best new horror films of 2007' -
Herman has been searching for the perfect girl, but all he's collected are pieces -- a chunk of hair; a severed finger; a jar of blood -- until the alluring and beautiful Rudy. Refusing to play along in his twisted game, she is imprisoned in a wooden cage with only her wits against his savage murderous insanity. Will she win the desperate, hallucinatory game of cat and mouse and escape through the Cellar Door, or die trying?

'One of the best new horror films of 2007. Michelle Tomlinson's groundbreaking performance in the girl-trapped-by-a-serial killer The Cellar Door has officially dubbed her the 'Pretty/Scary One to Watch' for this year. Superb acting. What makes this film so amazingly engaging is the combination of intelligent dialogue and talented actors to deliver them. Rarely seen even in a big-budget Hollywood picture, there is a definite chemistry of character between Tomlinson's Michelle and DuMont's Herman. The Cellar Door looks great and has some really beautiful special effects. It's definitely a horror film of some substantial terror with the attention to detail and gorgeous set design. The Cellar Door belongs on the shelf next to all the other good new horror movies like SAW, Slither, and Open Water. Its way above Hostel when it comes to drama, and its light years beyond Captivity, Black Christmas, and The Hitcher remake when it comes to filmmaking.' --

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