Overstock.com Holiday Contest


Uploaded on December 03, 2007 by OverstockHoliday

The "All I Want for Christmas" Overstock.com Holiday Contest really is all about what YOU want this year. Each day of the contest, you have the chance to win gifts that you've chosen from Overstock.com valued at up to $1000. We're also giving you the opportunity to spread some Holiday cheer, by inviting up to 5 friends each day to register to win right along with you. If you win your gift, so do they! And just in case, 5 chances to win one gift worth up to $1000 wasn't enough... how about one chance to win FIVE gifts worth up to $5000?! At the conclusion of the 5 day contest, your name could be drawn to win each and every gift you've registered to win over the duration of the contest. So be sure to submit a new gift everyday, to increase your chances AND gifts to win!

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