How to Make a Woman Squirting - G-spot Stimulation and Squirting [18+]


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G-spot orgasm is located in the roof of the vagina
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How a female ejaculate
How to stimulate a female G-spot
This is a serious matter
Do not take that use like a toy; you may seriously damage psychologically your partner
G-spot orgasm is a very intense emotional experience for a woman
Stimulate her erogenous zones, neck, lobe of the ear, legs, feet, breast ... from head to toes. Lots of foreplay, caresses your partner with love and attention
Slide one or two middle fingers very slowly and gently into her vagina
Stimulate her G-spot slowly but firmly with the tip of your fingers, making circles or a figure 8. Once you feel the G-spot is swollen, change to a more vigorous and stronger "come here" motion with your fingers
Stimulate her G-spot for 10 to 15 minutes at the time
When the ejaculation happens keep stimulating her G-spot. A woman can continually ejaculate from 10 to 40 minutes at the time. This is like a continual orgasm. She will feel great. Until she said: no more
Her G-spot will gets swollen very easily under your stimulation and the ejaculation will become more and more abundant
Once ejaculating is becoming part of her sex life you can stimulate at the same time her G-spot, A spot located deeper in the vagina and the clitoris.
It might take a little practice, but just like anything, practice makes perfect....
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