Classic Game Room - MOTOCROSS Review for IntelliVision [HD]


Uploaded on January 08, 2013 by Classic Game Room

Moto-Cross review. Shop for your used games on ebay through CGR! Classic Game Room reviews MOTO-CROSS for Intellivision from Mattel released in 1982! Moto-Cross is an ambitious dirt bike racing game with an Off Road or R.C. Pro-Am viewing angle played on a 1979-era game console! There's three tracks to choose from and a track editor that allows racers to create their own dirt bike tracks with jumps and turns. Motocross video game review shows Moto-Cross Intellivision gameplay recorded from the Intellivision II. You can race one or two-player races in Motocross vs. the computer or your friends! Gameplay may be a bit slow and sluggish, but for a 1982 game Motocross is very cool and worthy of being in your Intellivision game library.

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