GTA San Andreas Saved File 100% Completed PC [HD]


Uploaded on January 13, 2013 by prabudbz23

What the game includes.

100% complete game with NO cheats done.

*$999999999 Money
*All terrorities taken over
*“No gang wars
*“Hot Coffee Enabled
*“100% Progress with all girlfriends
*“All Clothes
*“Times Cheated: 0
*“All cool modified cars in all garages
*“12 Paramedic level
*“12 Vigilante
*“10 Pimping Level
*“100 Taqs
*“50 Oysters
*“50 Snapshots
*“50 Horseshoes
*“70 Unique Stunts
*“Bike School 100%
*“Driving School 100%
*“Boat School 100%
*“All vehicles stats
*“1000 Respect
*“2000 Sex appeal
*“1000 Gambling Skill
*“Infinite Health
*“Infinite Armor
*“Max ammo and skills
*˜ºBONUS: Speedometer included


Grove Street Gang own areas in West Las Venturas,
Desert, San Fierro, Desert Air Field, Suburbs, near Mount Chiliad and Countryside.
That means they will be everywhere!
Also, they don't have the standard gang guns, they have guns like ~

Mini Gun's, M4'S and Combat Shotgun's so they're pretty bad ass!

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