Borat To His "myspaces Friends" [18+]

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Uploaded on December 11, 2007 by thejoker123

Jagshemash -- it Borat here. It give me great pleasuring myself to announce publication of Kazakhstan's first ever book, A touristic guidings to both glorious nation of Kazakhstan and minor nation of US and A, it contain many interesting facts on my country -- for examples, learn all about Kazakh Museum of Intolerance in Almaty and look on pictures of glorious new statue of Melvin Gibsons in Astana. It 673 feet tall and have a staircase inside so that childrens can climb up and throw potatoes on jewtown from his anoos. Book also contain many useful information on US and A -- for examples, entrance code to Liza Minelli's gate and best places for photograph pretty ladies without their knowledge. Book also contains many photograph of my wifes and childrens -- totally nude. You can either make purchase of it with pubis or gypsy tears, or if you are strong, you can visit bookstore and TAKE it. I hope you like. Chendobreh.

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