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Uploaded on December 13, 2007 by jberke

If you are you tired of struggling with your pillows and having to readjust them in the middle of the night then you will love the Comfort Body Pillow. The Comfort Body Pillow is a scientifically designed pillow that provides total gentle support specifically for side sleepers
eliminating the need for three separate pillows. Even if you aren't a side sleeper, the Comfort Body Pillow is so comfortable to use, and leaves you so rested. You are guaranteed to want one. To understand why the Comfort Body Pillow works so well you need to understand the anatomy of the side sleeper. When you sleep the
shoulders compress, the body rolls forward and the knees rub against each other, which may cause pain. However, when sleeping with the Comfort Body Pillow, the body remains in healthy spinal alignment, the
shoulders stay upright and the pillow provides a continuing support for the knees. The Comfort Body Pillow also promotes healthier circulation, which relieves pain for arthritis sufferers and recovering surgery patients.

The Comfort Body Pillow also makes a wonderful pregnancy pillow by
supporting the expecting mothers back and stomach while she rests or
sleeps. It gently conforms to the unique curves of the body yet moves
with her. The Comfort Body Pillow is also great for nursing mothers
who would appreciate the weight taken off their back. By using the
Comfort Body Pillow while nursing, your baby is held securely in the
pillow while it is wrapped around you.

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