WQ2RX: Infiltrate The KGB At The NRO W. Nico & Genghis-Fred

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Published 14 Dec 2007
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Is Genghis actually Fred or Genghis-Fred?  What is wq2rx?  Gary Welz is wq2rx. Truthaction is wq2rx.  Steve...
Is Genghis actually Fred or Genghis-Fred?  What is wq2rx?  Gary Welz is wq2rx. Truthaction is wq2rx.  Steven Jones is wq2rx.  Have you heard about the Cow4Grass? Wq2rx is infiltration.  Wq2rx is the terrorist media cell.  Some people see it clearly, and some were just born to be celebrities.  You can't get your parents to like the music you listen to, and you can't explain wq2rx to people who who don't care to understand.    I'm not wq2rx, and never have been.  Nico's not wq2rx.  Rita Katz is most assuredly wq2rx.  Does Bin Laden really give Rita his special Osama Tapes in advance, or does she just help make them at SITE?  That's what wq2rx is all about.


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WQ2RX Infiltrate the KGB at the NRO feat. Nico & Genghis-Fred 911tvf youtube animals are NOT wq2rx ozzybinoswald2 is NOT wq2rx ewing2001 is NOT wq2rx ak1rd is NOT wq2rx, Tim Whidden and Devin clark are wq2rx.
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