Malena (2000) Hot Movie Scene ..part 2 [18+]


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Peace of a town in Sicily, southern Italy began piqued when the second world war broke out…. The adult male was asked to join the national army to go jump into battle, including Nino Scordia…. There is a special to this tall man…..He was married to a beautiful woman named Malena was carrying moved to Sicily.

Malena is a woman of extraordinary beauty. Her eyes, lips, nose, breasts, hips, all available to him can make men hold their breath. No exception for a 12 years young boy, Renato Amaroso…..

From just a view, Renato turns into a young man obsessed with Malena and starts letting his fantasy to bring her…

Malena who left her husband is a soft food for the striped-nosed man. Beauty and solitude as an invitation to come closer. …One by one man in that city came to him, trying to fill the space left behind Nino, her husband. But Malena budge, he held steadfast loyalty to her husband….

Stars: Monica Bellucci, Giuseppe Sulfaro and Luciano Federico
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