RRSat - Mobile SNG And DSNG For TV Satellite Transmissions

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RRsat is now a leading provider of end-to-end transmission in the global broadcasting industry. This includes channel distribution & backhaul services, sports feeds, and other occasional and permanent feed services. Turnaround on a permanent basis: RRSat provides non-stop, all-year-round global distribution services via satellites on a permanent basis to more than 385 television and channels, covering more than 150 countries. We operate more than 30 digital platforms that cover the entire world. Turnaround for occasional use: High-quality, flexible, cost-effective, reliable video broadcast, RRSat supplies occasional use satellite turnaround between the US and Asia, Asia and Europe and the Middle-East (tape playout at the teleport or fiber feeds from local sources). Space segment may be provided by the customer or by RRSat. We have more than 60 antennas, comprehensive fiber networks, and a 24/7 booking center. Fiber networks A part of RRsat's Global network is made possible by our global fiber connectivity. We have bidirectional fibers that are spread through different continents locations. Our different teleports are interconnected hybrid via the fiber network and provides high quality point to point connectivity for any media content delivery. Our POPs are available through Singapore, Russia, London, New York, Pittsburgh and Jerusalem. RRsat's fiber network connecting all five continents enables us to deliver ad hock as well as permanent services threw our different teleports providing cost effective solutions.

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