Monkey With a Death Wish

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Uploaded on December 18, 2007 by jutenjul

This gibbon found himself who to play with.. This is actually an adult gibbon verses a couple of tiger cubs. Of course the gibbon would win, he's got a few years of experience on those cubs. It looks like he was was having a total blast at the tiger cubs' expense, and the sheer grace and speed of the creature moving through the trees is awe-inspiring!

Interesting Facts
* The reason why it can swing around like that is because it has a ball and socket joint in its wrist (like a shoulder), rather than a hinge joint that we have in our wrists. It's the only primate with this.
* It's not a monkey, as many would assume - it's a gibbon, which is an ape, like chimps, gorillas, orang utans, etc. That's how come it has no tail, and also how come it was smart enough to decide it would be fun to tease the tiger cubs.
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