LION Vs TIGER! The Debate

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Uploaded on December 20, 2007 by Big Cat Brian

Not since Coke vs Pepsi, blonds vs bunettes or Cubs vs Sox have we seen such a heated debate.People have spent countless hours on the lion vs tiger topic. And now we have the answer caught on tape. Some facts:Lions have a recognized 8 sub species with the largest getting over 500 pounds. They are listed as a Threatened Vulnerable species and current wild populations are only around 30,000.Tigers only have 6 sub species left (one being the S. China tiger which has not been seen in the wild for a long time) and the largest can get well over 600 pounds. They are endangered and their wild population is sadly around 3,000. Featured in this video is a white tiger and they are not a sub species of tiger but rather are over bred in captivity. More more on the white tiger go

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