Melt Method Fitness Treatment to Combat Chronic Pain


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“Melt method” fitness treatment is a practical guide to this highly successful system written by the founder. It is extremely useful to use the book in conjunction with a MELT course or to learn the techniques directly from the book.

Melt method fitness treatment Empower yourself! This amazing book delivers simplified science and easy to learn techniques that will decrease pain and improve your overall health and function. If you have chronic pain and can't run or walk, you need this information. A shout out to athletes and fitness professionals....MELT will support your healthy active lifestyle and help those, who already think they feel good, perform and feel even better. Start MELTing now!!

Melt method fitness treatment will change your life for the better. I have been 'MELTING" for over a year now and I can tell you it has helped me and countless others in my area. I took a class, got hooked and went on to be certified in MELT. It has helped young people, athletes, the elderly, everyone!! Get the book, learn the techniques. Feel better.

What I like best about the Melt method fitness treatment is that it empowers people to take care of their own bodies using `Hands-off Bodywork'. The tools are little balls and foam rollers, and most techniques are very easy to learn. A person can very quickly begin to use the techniques on his or her own and feel relief from chronic pain and a decrease in stuck stress

Melt method fitness treatment addresses the four effects of "stuck stress" (which accumulates in the connective tissue and causes pain) with the "Four R's" which are: Reconnect (Body Sensing), Rebalance (whole body balance), Rehydrate (restore hydration in the connective tissue), and Release (decompression) in an absolutely wonderful combination that will get results!

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