How to Make Extra Money Using Your Mobile Phone!


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Roger asks Jim to explain how to make extra money using his mobile like their friend Pete. Jim has the answers for him in a free report called How To Make $547 Per Day With Your Mobile Phone.
Roger:Hey Jim! Did you know that Pete is making over five hundred bucks a day using his mobile phone. Do you know how he’s doing it?
Jim: Well, I was getting round to telling you but I was busy making my own five hundred bucks. I’m glad you rang.
Roger:Are you kidding me? You’re both making extra money using your mobile phone?
Jim:Yes we are. You need to get on board with this Roger, it’s a fantastic opportunity.
Roger: How did you find out about it?
Jim:Well, I’ve been reading a great little guide Pete gave me called “Make $547 Per Day With Your Mobile Phone”, it tells you exactly how to do it. Pete’s been doing it for a while and now I’m doing it. You should get this report.
Roger:I’m ahead of you good buddy. How much is it?
Jim: That’s the best part. It’s free! You can get it at
Roger: Thanks. I’m going to get it now. I can’t wait to make extra money, especially if it’s using my mobile phone. I love my phone.
Pierre:Excuse me young man. I couldn't help over hearing. Could you get me a copy too?
Roger:And how about you. Will you make a start today like my friend right here?Oh. Before I forget.Six doughnuts to go please, thank you.

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