How to Use Cheat Engine 6.2


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All these cheats requires some basic knowledge and understanding about cheat engine, If you are not a tech savvy gamer who understand how cheat engine works and how basic game messaging works then please do not try these instructions and don’t be sad as we will be posting more user friendly free cheats and hacks soon for every body to use so that all our users can dominate the game without being ever scammed again. No survey to fill and no paid string attached to our free hacks and cheat list.Don’t forget to like our facebook page on top right hand corner to keep getting latest updates.

Now, Cheat Engine 6.2 does not contain any kind of virus. people who say it does don't know anything about computers and software. I use it almost every day for farmville 2 and you can do pretty much everything with it.

For example you can clear your fields without gathering all those chainsaws and other bullshit... Also you can buy everything in the shop for coins (not farm bucks).

Here's an explanation on how to clear your field of rocks and stumps (you no longer need pickaxes):
Enter into Farmville 2
Start Cheat Engine 6.2
Select process (flashplugin.exe for firefox and chrome.exe for chrome)
Switch Value Type to “Text” or “String”
First scan “obstruction_rock” (all the rocks)
Now select all the address results and click the red arrow

New scan “obstruction_stump” (wood)
Select all the results again and click the red arrow. So select all the addresses in the checklist below (Ctrl+A)

Modify all the values to “e_deco_shrub-round”
Go back to your game, visit one neighbor go back to your farm.

Now all the rocks and stumps will disappear
You no longer need the pickaxes.

Note: Most important to substitute the value accurately or your game will crash and get a white screen. White screen is not equal to ban. It is just that you bugged the online game by using some incorrect codes. It normally takes a while for you to be capable to play once again
And if you have the need to ask me anything, feel free to do so!


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