Dragonheart (1996): Fooling Villagers into Making a Sacrifice


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The clip fooling villagers into making a sacrifice from Dragonheart (1996) with Dina Meyer, Wolf Christian

Throw off the yoke of Einon's oppression!
We must start to fight back!
Your father sang that sour tune once, and we did fight back.
And once was enough! We'll not dance to it again!
No, Hewe, just cringe like a dog under Einon's boot.
At least a cringing dog's a live one!
Hey! Why waste good food on bad rhetoric?
I speak the truth.
Truth? It's rarely inspiring, lass.
And it never wins rebellions...
but it will stretch necks, if there is a neck...
underneath that little mud pie.
Ready or not, here I come!
It's Draco!
About time.
It seems you people are in need of a dragonslayer.
Where is the lord responsible for this village?
Brok lives in a big house about six miles away.
But he'll only blame any damage on us and pluck our pockets to pay for it.
I won't pluck them as deeply. I'll make you a fair offer.
Take it, or leave him!
It's enough you people grovel to Einon.
Will you be bullied by some broken-down, blackmailing knight as well?
That's right, you don't need me.
Settle it yourself.
Of course, there are other ways.
Perhaps you'll part with...
one of your precious daughters, instead of gold.

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