Dragonheart (1996): Knight and Dragon Talking in Field


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The clip knight and dragon talking in field from Dragonheart (1996) with Sean Connery, Dennis Quaid

Twenty-eight, twenty-nine.
Most profitable, Dragon. I should have met you a long time ago.
There is much gold in the world.
Perhaps when you've had your fill of it, you'll no longer need me.
I am a Knight of the Old Code. My word is my bond.
No compunctions then?
About what?
Well, such deception hardly befits a Knight of the Old Code.
Fleecing Einon's lackeys. That's a service to mankind.
Is it?
When you squeeze the nobility, it's the peasants who feel the pinch.
That's not my concern.
Why should I stick my neck out for people afraid to risk their own?
Don't clutter up a clever scheme with morality.
Mmm, so be it...
Knight of the Old Code.
If I wanted my conscience pricked, I would have stayed with the priest!
Huh! And what does a dragon know of the Old Code, anyway?
His blade defends the helpless.
His might upholds the weak. His word speaks only truth.
Shut up! I remember.
That's all it is, a memory. Nothing can bring it back.
You sound like one who tried.
And failed.
So I no longer try to change the world, Dragon. I just try to get by in it.
Yes, it's better than death, I suppose.
Oh, is it? I should think you'd welcome death.
You know, the last of your kind, all your friends dead, hunted wherever you go.
Do you delight in reminding me?
Yes, Knight, I do long for death.
But fear it.

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