Da Zui Xia (1966): The Bandits Plot


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The clip The bandits plot from Da zui xia (1966)

That kid thinks he's smart
Wait till he comes here
He'll learn the hard way
Eat something
You shouldn't...
keep your hostage here
I'll be in big trouble if anything happens
Keep quiet!
All right!
But I am in charge of this temple
All of you staying here like this...
It's not like we broke in!
I know, I know
but Abbot Liao Kung isn't here
When will he return?
He went to search for someone said he'll be back in a few days
Please don't start any trouble
before he returns
If the Governor...
It's only a junior monk
Are you all right?
Stop the bleeding, please
No use, he's been hit by a poisonous needle
Please give me the antidote

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