Definitely, Maybe (2008): Birthday Party to Will


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The clip birthday party to Will from Definitely, Maybe (2008)

Hey, this is April.
I want to talk to you about your birthday. Call me.
Hello. I hope this is the right number. It sounds like you.
It's Emily!
I'm in New York, and I was thinking
maybe we could get a cup of coffee and catch up.
My number...
Hey, it's April. I still need to talk to you. Please call me back.
I mean, don't make me come over there and hurt you.
Okay, I'm coming!
God, I'm coming.
Yeah, I get it.
What are you doing in there?
Is this what you're wearing?
It's your birthday party. Everybody is waiting for you.
Oh, Christ.
Five minutes, okay? Five...
I'm down.
Are you okay?
Yeah. I just need to lie here for a sec.
I see you've been eating noodles.
Hey, everybody, he's here!
Oh, my God! I didn't think you'd be here!
I couldn't miss your birthday. We came all the way up from Washington.
Happy birthday, gorgeous.
That is a beautiful woman right there.
You had your chance, pal.
Come on.
It's great to see you.
Yeah. You look...
Homeless, I know.
Where's Kelly?

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