Definitely, Maybe (2008): Talk About Weaknesses


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The clip Talk about weaknesses from Definitely, Maybe (2008)

People don't really care about this stuff.
That's the thing.
What I don't understand,
I've heard Bush has a mistress.
Everybody's talking about it, so why is it okay for him and not for Clinton?
She's trashy.
I mean, her hair alone is enough reason to go after Clinton.
Big deal. Everyone has their weaknesses, you know?
Those chubby redheads with the long, fake fingernails?
That's what Daddy likes.
That's just nasty.
Gareth, you are unfailingly repugnant.
Hey. That is a coincidence. I love women that say "unfailingly repugnant."
You know what I love?
I love long-haired brunettes with horn-rimmed glasses.
I have no idea why. They're like kryptonite to me.
I got that one, too.
I got a thing for guys who've got a thing for me.
You might wanna look at that. I'm gonna propose a toast.
I am fine with that.
To Bill and his weaknesses.
To Bill.
To Bill.

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