Definitely, Maybe (2008): Emily is the Mother


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The clip Emily is the mother from Definitely, Maybe (2008)

I'm gonna put these in some water.
You look...
You look...
You look great.
Why are you in New York?
I live here.
I took a job with the city education department.
I called you.
I know.
I've been meaning to call you back.
I had lost your number.
Of course.
No, it's true. You know what?
Okay, give me your number, right now.
I'm gonna put it in my cell phone, and that way I'm never gonna lose it, okay?
My number is 212-664-7665.
Six, six, five. See? Now I got it. And I'm never gonna lose it again.
Oh, no, go ahead, go ahead.
Hey, it's Will.
I'm really sorry I lost your number.
I just had the weirdest flash of a whole life,
one that never, ever happened.
What did happen to us?
You slept with my roommate.
I'm sorry.
If I remember correctly, I believe it was my "plan," wasn't it?
The plan. Remember that?
Yes, the plan.
Who talks like that?
No, it wasn't the plan. I was scared of you and your dreams,
and then after we broke up, I just felt lost.
I still feel pretty lost, especially when it comes to relationships.
Yeah, I've been... Me, too.
Did you ever think
that maybe we just needed a different plan?
Wait! Stop! Stop right there. Now, go back.

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