Cape Fear (1991): Cady and Danielle Part 2 2


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The clip Cady and danielle Part 2 2 from Cape Fear (1991) with Juliette Lewis, Robert De Niro

So why... What are you doing here, then?
Well, I came to meet you, to be honest with you.
-Why? I mean... -Because...
...I wanted to meet you, see what you're like.
I see you're a nice person. That's all.
-You're not going to hurt me, are you? -I'm not going to hurt you at all.
There's no hurting here, Danielle.
Between us there's no anger, nothing. Just a search for truth.
Did you judge me, get angry at me when you caught me smoking the grass?
But your parents judged you. Got plenty angry at you, didn't they?
They punished you for their sins.
What did they do?
My dad... They just yelled a whole lot and... mom cried...
...and my dad said I couldn't drive the Cherokee.
I'd say they punished you for their sins, and you resent that...

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