Cape Fear (1991): Ice Cream Parlour


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The clip ice cream parlour from Cape Fear (1991) with Juliette Lewis, Nick Nolte

Do you believe that annoying loser guy?
You should have just punched him out.
What? Just punched him out? What do you mean?
You boxed. You could've shoved him around, shut him up.
-I could take you. -Careful.
-That's who I could take. -You could've kicked him in the face.
Kicked him in the face?
You know how to fight dirty. You do that for a living.
Real cute, Leigh.
-Let's sit outside. -How much do I owe you?
-It's taken care of. -Taken care of? Who?
Girls, come on, let's sit inside. Yeah, let's sit inside.

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