Cape Fear (1991): Confronting Cady


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The clip confronting cady from Cape Fear (1991) with Joe Don Baker, Nick Nolte

You asked me to watch him nights. I'm watching nights. What happened?
My wife, Leigh, found some marijuana in one of Dani's schoolbooks.
We don't know if Cady gave it to her or what happened.
She's scared and she won't talk about it.
But this has gone far enough. It's got to stop!
-You phone the cops? -No, I didn't phone the cops.
What did you call them? "Slow, skeptical pathetic, even."
No, Leigh, that's all right. Just hold on a minute.
...I want to hire those three guys, you remember, the hospital job.
Consider it done, the sooner the better.
Three men are going to cost you a grand.
It's not chicken feed but you don't go with less than three.
It's better to overdo it.
You'll have the money in the morning.
We'll be on for tomorrow night. And Sam...'ll feel good about this.
All right.
Do you notice these young people?
They don't look very happy.
They're committed to their professions and ambitions but not to each other.
Cady, shut up and listen.
If you don't leave... family alone and you don't get out of here...'re going to be hurting like you never dreamed.
-Could you repeat that? -I said...
...if you don't get out of here...'re going to be hurting like you never dreamed.
-A threat? -Yeah.
You bet your ass that's a threat.
I have thought of relocating...
...where I'd be more appreciated, California, perhaps.
...I could teach earthquake preparedness.
But then it hits me, I love New Essex, Counselor.
I mean, where else could I just casually confer with an old colleague?

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