Cape Fear (1991): Rape and Beat


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The clip rape and beat from Cape Fear (1991) with Robert De Niro

Get you on this side, doll. Let's do this.
Who is Loretta anyway?
That's the love of my life. She's no longer with us.
-I thought I was the love of your life. -Chopped her into 52 pieces.
He hurt you like this, that married guy?
-He hurt you like this? -I told you, we never did anything.
-He hurt you like this? -Oh, scandal.
He's a rough one.
How's this feel?
Oh, my God. Am I under arrest?
Not quite, darlin'.
Officer, I swear, it's all a mistake.
That married guy hurt you like this?
Because what he did to me hurt a lot worse than this!
I've got you now, bitch!

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