Cape Fear (1991): Cady's Compensation Speech


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The clip Cady's compensation speech from Cape Fear (1991) with Robert De Niro, Nick Nolte

-How much do I want what? -How much money do you want?
Money? Counselor, do I look destitute to you?
I'm open to discussion, within reasonable limits.
You ever been a woman?
-A what? -A woman.
Some fat, hairy, ugly hillbilly's wet dream?
I realize that you suffered. There's no question about that.
You don't know what suffering is, Counselor.
Like it says in Galatians 3:
"Have ye suffered so many things in vain?"
I learned from the get-go in the joint to get in touch with my feminine side.
I'm open to some sort of discussion on compensation.
What shall be my compensation, sir...
...for being held down and sodomized by four white guys...
...or four black guys?
Shall my compensation be the same?
What is the formula for compensation, sir?
How about $10,000 in cash?
Do I...
Let's just break that down.
That figure just came to the top of my head.
For argument's sake, let's say $20,000, $30,000.
I'll tell you what. Let's say $50,000.
$50,000 into fourteen years.
Fourteen years times 365 days... about 5,000 days.
You divide that by $50,000, and that's like $10 a day.

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