Cape Fear (1991): Offering Sacrifice


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The clip offering sacrifice from Cape Fear (1991) with Robert De Niro, Nick Nolte

Excuse me, Mrs. B.
Please don't take umbrage...
...but in the plan that I have formulated...
...there's much more to it than just you and I making love.
I mean, that's just so...
...commonplace and dreary.
Here and now, we have an opportunity.
"What is that opportunity?" you ask.
Why, here and now, we have an opportunity... depict and dramatize...
...both the heights and the depths...
...of a mama's true love of her daughter, if you get my meaning.
Come on out, babe. Come on, darling. Let's go.
Get out. Get up here.
This is between you and me. Leave them out of it.
This is my night, Counselor. Don't you step on my lines.
Yes, Leigh?
Listen to me, Max.
You know, Max, since all this started...
...I've thought about you all the time.
I've tried to imagine what it must have been like for you...
...all those years, locked up in jail.
I've tried to imagine you and even your crimes...
...and how you must have felt in those moments that you did them.
See, I know about loss, Max.
I know about losing time, even losing years.
And I know it doesn't compare to jail, but...
...I can understand...
...and I could share this with you.
Because of that whatever it is that you've got planned...
...I want you to do it just with me...
...not with her...
...we have this connection.

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