Cat People (1982): Job Offer at the Zoo


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The clip job offer at the zoo from Cat People (1982)

I thought you were supposed to be on a diet!
It was not that fattening!
Oh, sure.
You don't look like a curator.
I look exactly like a curator.
No, you don't.
Well, you haven't met many curators.
I guess not. What does a curator do?
Different things.
Buys animals, sells animals,
veterinary work, research, arranges the exhibits.
Maybe gets an expedition,
if he lucks out on a donation or a grant.
Expedition? Like into the jungle?
Mostly it's the bureaucratic jungle.
We purchase most of our exhibits from animal dealers.
How long have you worked at the zoo?
Ten years. No, eleven years now.
But I've been into zoology ever since I was a kid.
I prefer animals to people.
What about you?
I'm looking for a job. My brother Paul's supposed to help me.
If he ever gets back. He's been gone for two days now.
How do you eat these?
You take this little wedge of lemon like this
and squirt it on your oyster.
Then hit it with some of this horseradish and red sauce...
Just a touch. Pick it up and let that sucker slide down your throat.
What kind of job you looking for?
Well, commercial art, mainly.
I've taken art lessons.
And then you chase it down real quick
with a swig of beer.
Or Coca-Cola.
Look. How would you like to work at the zoo?

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