Cat People (1982): What to Do with the Leopard


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The clip what to do with the leopard from Cat People (1982)

He's not so dangerous in a cage.
When we get finished testing,
we're gonna have to free up some of these other exhibits
so that we can give this new leopard some extra space.
You're gonna have to disarm him.
What does that involve?
Not much. Cut its claws, root canals.
File and crown its fangs.
There's a dentist in town that does the work.
Tom Radenauer?
Yeah, he does people, too.
Yeah, I know, he's my dentist.
Shit, Oliver, we don't have the funds for this.
And you know how it's been coming down lately.
Aren't there any other alternatives?
Not really. Because of its history it's no good for breeding.
We could try trading it to another zoo.
I'm afraid with its erratic behavior, they just wouldn't take it.
You could euthanize it. What's that? Kill it?
Yep. Not an acceptable solution.
How much would that cost?
I said, it's not acceptable!
Can we at least discuss it?
I'll put up with being under-budgeted
and under-staffed, and the fact that these exhibits
were built in 1901, and they're falling apart,
but I will not put up with that crap!
Fine! Calm down. I only asked!
Looks like we have a gourmet leopard on our hands.
He threw up in the cage. Joe found pizza in the vomit...
Yeah. Sure did. Pepperoni.
Leopards eat pizza?
Well, they're scavengers.
He probably raided a garbage can
before he went to the massage parlor.
Doesn't look like he went there out of hunger.
Maybe he was horny. Always a possibility.
Anything else? Nothing.
No worms, no distemper, no encephalitis.
Whoever owns him takes good care of him.
Sure does. He's a superb cat.
"A superb cat"? He's a menace.

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