Cry Wolf (2005): Chess


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The clip Chess from Cry_Wolf (2005)

Owen, just the man I want to see.
You got a minute? Sure.
What's in the box? Antique chess set.
Got to love eBay. Just now discovering the Internet?
So I read your e-mail.
Someone forwarded that to you? Sure did.
Someone also sent it to the victim's mother.
Who forwarded it to her attorney.
He called the Headmaster's office this morning.
She assumes it originated off-campus. Don't worry.
I'm not inclined to inform her otherwise.
Why would I worry?
I glanced at your records this afternoon.
I see your father pulled some strings to get you in here.
Dear old dad.
I also saw that your status here is probationary.
So you end up in the Headmaster's office...
you might as well pack your bags.
Bringing the bitch out early.
Just keeping you on the defensive.
Speak for yourself.

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