Cry Wolf (2005): the Designated Victims


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The clip the designated victims from Cry_Wolf (2005)

shot in the face while lost in the woods.
Okay. Who's next?
What if the Wolf waited for his prey in the back seat of a car?
What if you were any more clich??
Like you can do better.
Dark hair, brown eyes.
Killed while looking in the mirror.
A victim of her own narcissism.
That means conceited. Anyone else?
Self-mutilating de-virginizer, eviscerated in the chapel.
No, it should be special for him.
Lock up the misogynist pig and let him bleed to death.
Right after castrating him.
Very slowly.
Can the Wolf do microscopic surgery?
Laugh it up, drama boy. You're next.
Prima donna wannabe actor trying to play the big balcony scene...
gets his intestines ripped out.
Who else? Let's not forget the campus queen.
Her sharp wit was dulled when she choked...
on her own severed tongue.
You people are deeply unwell.
Four years in the same place with the same people.
What do you expect?
Last but not least.
The good guy that fell for the bad girl.
Died of a broken heart.
I didn't know you were such a romantic, Randall.
I'm not. But I do love the irony.

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