Cry Wolf (2005): Graham Denies Allegations


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The clip Graham denies allegations from Cry_Wolf (2005) with Ethan Cohn

Very funny, Graham. I'm glad you think so.
Do I look like I'm laughing? Well, I had to do something.
Sure, I understand.
You had to send me threatening IM's pretending to be a serial killer.
I have no idea what you could possibly be talking about.
You didn't just IM as the Wolf about an hour ago?
No, I've been here since sixth period.
Owen, you can't convince me...
if you can't convince yourself.
What were you just talking about, then, the thing you had to do?
I filed a noise complaint. For what?
Are you kidding? Your room is directly above us...
it sounds like you're having WWF tryouts up there.

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