Cry Wolf (2005): Owen Has an Idea


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The clip Owen has an idea from Cry_Wolf (2005)

I had fun last night, thanks for the invite.
Who said I invited you? I thought Tom said.
Relax, I'm kidding.
I wanted to apologize, too.
I didn't mean to piss on you guys with that bit about the tells.
Sure, you were just trying to impress me.
What makes you say that?
Well, I just... Relax, I'm kidding.
So, I had an idea on how to convince the rest of the school...
there's a murderer on campus.
I'm listening.
What if this isn't a random murder, but a serial killer.
You already lost me.
Let's just say someone forwarded us an e-mail.
About not one, but a series of murders that happened before.
Go on.
And the first victim died in identical fashion to our townie.
So it's happening again.
Why else would the police be investigating Westlake?
They're not. Telling the student body.
It would be our duty to warn them.
Meet me in the library.
We're going to create a killer.

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