Elf (2003): Hiring Miles Fitch


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It's existential, yet it's so accessible.
Uh, Mr. Finch, uh, Eugene Dupris here.
It's a thrill just to be talking to you
On our speakerphone.
Miles, um, so, what do you think?
Can you fly in tomorrow?
I'll give you five hours tomorrow,
Not a minute more.
Oh, that's... that's great.
I'd like a black s500to receive me at the airport.
I need the interior of that car
To be 71 degrees exactly.
We can do that. Deborah: Mr. Hobbs?
There's a situation downstairs.
Finch: I'm sorry, what?
No, hold on, miles. Deb, hang up.
Finch: I do not hold. Do not put me on hold.
Deborah: We have a problem in the mailroom.
What's going on?
Don't speak... Deborah, hang up!
Finch: That's it, I'm gone. Miles!
Finch: I'll be there tomorrow... 71 degrees.
Deborah: Sir, chuck in the mailroom
Needs to talk to you.
Chuck... what, chuck?
I mean, what could be going on down there
That's so important you had to interrupt me, what?
Whoomp, there it is! A little louder

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