Elf (2003): Santa's Sleigh


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I made him my own personal apprentice.
I've never been in this room before.
Well, I think it's time you start
Your tinker training.
Gasps Santa's sleigh.
You're gonna help me make it fly.
I thought the magical reindeer made The sleighs fly.
And where do the reindeer get their magic from?
Christmas spirit. Everybody knows that.
Well, silly as it sounds,
A lot of people down south
Don't believe in Santa Claus.
Well, who do they think puts all? their toys under the tree?
Well, there's a rumor floating around
That, uh, that the parents do it.
That's... that's ridiculous.
I mean, parents couldn't do that all in one night.
What about Santa's cookies?
I suppose parents eat them, too?
Yeah, I, uh, I... I know,
Uh, and every earless and less People
Believe in Santa Claus.
I mean, we have a real energy crisis on our hands.
I mean, just see how low the, uh Claus meter is.
That's shocking.
That's why I came up
With this little beauty in the '60s.
Engine hums to life
WH-what is it?
It's a cringle 3000...
A 500-reindeer power jet turbine engine.
Without it, the sleigh couldn't
Get more than, uh, a few feet off the ground.
Well, it looks like we got
A short in the thermo coupler.
You wanna give mea hand with that?
You want me to help?
As much as, uh, buddy was accepted

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