Elf (2003): Central Park Rangers


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The clip central park rangers from Elf (2003) with Lydia Lawson-Baird

Dad, Michael... I got a plan.
Santa: Whoa, wait! Wait, Michael... my list!
You bring that list back right now, you hear me?!
Come on, give me your hat and coat.
Mrs. Claus made them for me.
Hey! Hey, here I am!
Ho ho ho!
Hey, ho ho ho! Hey! Hey!
Excuse me. Thank you. Excuse me.
So the authorities have not discovered
Any reindeer in the park?
No, no reindeer. Sleigh bells?
No, no sleigh bells, either.
Elves? Excuse me, please.
None of that, we really just need everyone...
It's him, it's the real Santa!
His sleigh won't fly, ' cause nobody believes in him!
Charlotte: Did you see something in the park?
Everyone out there,
Santa needs us to believe, I can prove he's real.
Look, this is his list!
Okay... well, further confirmation
That there has been a Santa sighting tonight.
We have the naughty and nice list.
Lynn Kessler wants a power puff girls play set.
Mark Weber wants an electric guitar.
Carolyn Reynolds wants a Suzy- talks-a-lot.
Thanks, buddy.
Dirk Lawson wants
A day of pampering at burke Williams spa.
Stan Tobias wants a power pumper water pistol.
Must be another dirk Lawson.
Dave Keckler wants some Nike shocks.
Okay, uh, well, obviously we have
A new development in the story, uh,
A confirmation that Santa must have been sighted
Because we have his book right here.
Chuckles what's your name?
Uh, I'm Charlotte Denon, New York one.
"D," "d..."
Charlotte Denon wants tiffany engagement ring
And for her boyfriend to stop dragging his feet
And commit already.

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