Kicking and Screaming (2005): Winning Speech

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The clip winning speech from Kicking and Screaming (2005) with Mike Ditka, Will Ferrell Give me a drink. I...
The clip winning speech from Kicking and Screaming (2005) with Mike Ditka, Will Ferrell Give me a drink. It's just a great group. Okay, uh, Tigers. Look who's here. I'll give you a hint. Hall of Fame? Chicago Bears? Sammy Sosa? No, no, no. Come on. No, football. Coached the 1986... '85. Uh, '85 Bears to a Super Bowl victory? It's Mike Ditka. Yeah. Do you know Sammy Sosa? Hey, zip it, kid! I'm a coach that knows about winning. I'm gonna push you guys like you've never been pushed before. Some of you are gonna wish I was dead. It's true. I know it's a weird thought, but it's true. I eat quitters for breakfast and I spit out their bones. Delicious. Now this is gonna be the hardest most difficult thing you ever attempted in your entire life. You know what when it's over... It will get emotional. When it's over... When it's over... guys are gonna be champions. Champions. By God, you're gonna be champions. All right, everybody up. Come on. Come on, hands in. Come on, everybody. Let's go out and kick some butt. Here we go. On three. Let's have fun. One, two, three. Let's have fun. "Let's have fun?" What's that? I just made it up. On the ground, give me the pushups, come on. If you guys were with the Bears, I'd fine you each $10,000 apiece. This calls for some drastic measures. We're gonna make some changes around here. Come on, move it. Move it! Faster! Faster! Faster. Faster. Move it! Move it! Put some pressure on those legs! Faster. Faster. No candy! Your mother said you can't have any candy! Please. Give me it back. No candy. Please. No. Please? Hey! I got eyes in the back of my head. Come on, giris. You gotta move it. You gotta move it. All the way! Come on, move it. Move it. But, coach, how is this gonna help me with soccer? It's not gonna help you with soccer, but I'm gonna get my trash taken out, okay?