We Are Marshall (2006): Red's Flashbacks


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The clip Red's flashbacks from We Are Marshall (2006)

Can you shake it off or not?
Dawson! Dawson!
What do you think? We gotta get three points.
We don't get any points on the board, we'll lose them.
All right, we need our three. It's gonna help out the morale.
Send the kicking team in. Let's go. Gotta end this game with three points.
Yeah. Send them in. Kicking team, let's go.
Dawson. Send them in!
Call it in, Red!
Call it in!
Send them in!
Kick it! Kick it!
Field-goal unit! Let's go!
Let's go!
These kids do have plenty of heart, but just not enough skill or experience...
...to compete at this level. And with this loss...
...next week's first home game against Xavier University won't be any easier.
The Xavier game will be the first home game since the devastating crash...
...that killed 75 players and fans.
After this painful loss, the Marshall faithful must be wondering...
...if they've done the right thing.

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