We Are Marshall (2006): Plane Crush


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The clip Plane crush from We Are Marshall (2006)

Hey, did they say anything?
Hey, come on!
No one's going in there. I can't let you up there.
Get that truck up the hill!
Come on!
Hey, Randy!
Come on, keep going, come on.
Hey, watch the hose!
Got the president of the university here!
Oh, my God in heaven.
Oh, my God.
Come on.
Let's go.
Hey, get behind the ropes!
Just tell us the name of the airline!
If I knew anything, I'd tell you!
Just look at the front of the plane!
Son, there is no front of the plane anymore.
Bring another hose down here!
No, stay back. Stay up there! No!
Let's go!
Nate! Nate Ruffin!
This our boys' plane? This our boys' plane?!

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