We Are Marshall (2006): Jack's Honest Answer


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The clip Jack's honest answer from We Are Marshall (2006) with Matthew McConaughey

Say, Don?
You wanna know why I picked up the phone? Is that it?
Frankly, I do.
It's not gonna be complicated.
Jack, I've had four months of complicated.
I just need honest.
When I heard about what had happened, your situation...
...the only thing I could think about was the four of them.
I thought about how much they mean to me...
...and about how bad it would hurt if...
Well, if I was to lose them.
Then I thought about a team...
...and a school...
...and a town...
...that's gotta be hurting real bad.
And I thought, hell...
...maybe I can help.
So I called you.
I guess that's the only real "why" I got. Right there.
Ladies and gentlemen...

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