We Are Marshall (2006): Bad News


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The clip Bad news from We Are Marshall (2006)

Fill her up for you?
Yes, sir.
These peanuts look good.
I'll get a bunch of them too.
Sure. They're just 50 cents. Help yourself.
Regular's on the left, Cajun's on the right.
Incredibly, there has been another plane crash...
How spicy are these Cajun...?
in moderate rain and fog in West Virginia.
What did he just say?
Wait. Turn that up.
No, what happened-
What did that say?
Early reports do not indicate the condition of those aboard.
Excuse me, everybody...
Annette said you look funny when you're getting dressed.
Bye, Carole. Say hello to your husband for me.
This is Lloyd.
See you, Lloyd!
What's happened?

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