We Are Marshall (2006): Almost Home


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The clip Almost home from We Are Marshall (2006)

You thinking about that girlfriend of yours?
Yeah, coach.
Nice job, son.
Hey, that was a big hit today. Big hit.
I would've caught that pass if I had my cross.
What'd you do with it?
You would've caught it if you had good hands. Ain't that right, Shoebridge?
Hey, Gene, this is gonna sound a little weird, but I need you to do me a favor.
Want you to scratch my back. That target on there is starting to itch.
You can't believe everything you hear on the radio.
Oh, yeah, I can.
All right, boys, let's sit up straight. Tighten those ties, fix those collars.
We are?
Almost home.
This is Captain Dettro speaking.
Looks like we made good time in spite of the weather...
...so if everyone could return to their seats now, we'll be landing shortly.

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