We Are Marshall (2006): Xavier Takes the Lead


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The clip Xavier takes the lead from We Are Marshall (2006)

You know what's hard to fathom? It's hard to believe this is even possible...
...but Jack Lengyel has the Marshall Young Thundering Herd...
...a team of freshmen, of transfer students, of walk-ons...
...a team of nobodies and no ones...
...somehow are beating the Xavier Pirates after 30 minutes of football.
Well, that is true, but I gotta believe that, at some point...
...speed, size and experience will prevail.
Come on, Booth!
That's the way to start the second half!
This Young Thundering Herd looks like they're ready to play.
-44-X-Punch. Let's go.
Nineteen, set, hut!
Big hit on Oliver...
...who loses the ball. Xavier scoops it up.
Let's go!
He's on the 30...
...the 20...
...touchdown, Xavier!
And just like that, Xavier takes the lead, 6-3.
It's okay! Come on!
You're still the captain of this team.
Yes, sir.
I'm gonna need you to be that captain from the sideline.
Set, hut!

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