We Are Marshall (2006): Heading to the Football Field


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The clip Heading to the football field from We Are Marshall (2006)

Seven on the goal line. Tough on...
Secondary C five through eight.
D can prevent kicking game onside and kickoff.
Game day.
Yes, it is.
I left your ticket on the kitchen counter.
I would appreciate it if you could make it to the game before halftime.
One time. I missed kickoff one time and you'll never let me forget it.
No, no, no, I won't.
Because if I don't see you in the stands, honey...
...I don't know, I get all out of whack, you know?
I'll be there.
I know you will.
How big a crowd do you think you'll get?
Well, after last week, I don't know.
Hey, buddy.
I'll race you to the "newpacer. "
The what?
When, right now?
I don't know. Maybe!
Get him! Run!
Hey, hey, hey-
Hey, coach!
Win, Coach Lengyel!
What day is it, son?
Game day.
What day?
Game day!
Time to play until the whistle blows.
See you on the field.
See you there!

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