Accepted (2006): Surprise Students Part 2


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The clip Surprise Students Part 2 from Accepted (2006) with Adam Herschman, Justin Long

Oh, look, there's my old girlfriend, Sara Pelfan.
You broke my heart!
Oh, uh, sorry, sorry. No parents allowed past this point.
It's part of our philosophy here at South Harmon.
We need to mold your kids into individuals,
and the first step is to
sever the ties of the parent-child relationship.
Take him.
We're just glad Larry got in someplace.
He's your problem now.
Bye, hon. No biting!
Hey, Larry.
Okay, good talk. Go on in there.
You're gonna fit right in, Larry. Unfortunately.
What are we gonna do?
This is supposed to be a secret.
Yeah, well, I guess the secret's out.
You go check the P.O. box, I'm gonna go find Schrader, okay?

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