Accepted (2006): Surprise Students


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The clip Surprise Students from Accepted (2006) with Columbus Short, Justin Long

Gotta hand it to you, B.
Kids everywhere are busting their ass in the classroom,
and we're killing aliens, dude.
This is way better than learning. We are learning here, pal.
We're learning the dire cost to civilization when diplomacy fails.
We're learning political science right now.
What the... What the hell is that?
Who is it?
Abernathy Darwin Dunlap, sir.
Hi, there!
What's your name?
My name's Abernathy Darwin Dunlap.
But you could call me A.D.D.,
on account of the fact that I have A.D.D.,
which is Attention Deficit Disorder and you know,
everyone used to think it was just an addiction to sugar when I was six,
and my mom used to cry because she thought I would never be,
like, a fully functioning member of society,
like my neighbor who has Legionnaire's Disease.
This is no longer a mental health facility.
I'm so sorry we can't help you.
Good luck to you, pal. I don't need a hospital!
Okay, okay, wh-wh-what are you doing here, then?
Well, unless I misread the website,
I'm here for orientation!
Oh, you scared me for a second. In more ways than one.
Uh, you're looking for Harmon College,
it's just right on up the hill.
But good luck, have fun. Go, Harmon.
No! I'm looking for South Harmon Institute of Technology
because, well, it's the only place I got accepted
and I'm looking to pursue my degree in English
or law or animal husbandry or anything really!
Did you just say you got accepted here?
Well, yeah, yeah, yeah, we all did.
Thank you so much!
Oh, God. Holy balls.
I'm sorry.
Move, fool.

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