Accepted (2006): Epilogue


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The clip Epilogue from Accepted (2006) with Lewis Black, Justin Long

This is not your orientation. This is your disorientation.
You have been orientated for years.
Don't come up to me, go "Where am I gonna get that?"
I'm not interested! You figure it out.
I only wanted big things for you, Bartleby.
I'd say this is pretty big.
Thanks, Dad. Ah!
Thanks, Pop.
Okay, honey, I want you to have a good semester.
Okay, I will. I love you. Lizzie, up top.
Wasn't enthusiastic, but I'll take it.
And I appreciate the smile.
Schrads! Hey, no time for chit-chat, my friend.
I'm teaching "Skepticism 401." Sha-mon!
At South Harmon, we like to begin each semester
by clearing our minds and doing some deep breathing.
I got 85 pork tenderloins with balsamic vinegar demiglaze. Ka-blam!
Eddie, we gotta pack these paninis for Rory's nature walk.
And someone get a rabbi down here to bless this chicken.
Tomorrow we're gonna go kosher.
South Harmon actually allowed me the opportunity
to rediscover my passion for the arts.
So I urge you guys to do the same. Let it come from the heart.
Let it come from inside. And... And let the art speak for itself.
You agree? Watch... Watch the tip.
Excuse me.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
If you're gonna take my picture, you gotta take it from my good side.
Um, so there wouldn't happen to be anybody around
that could show me to my new dorm room, would there?
As fate would have it, I recall your room being right next to mine.
Really? They're not adjoining though, right?
Oh, no, no, no. That would be totally unacceptable.
And do me a favor. Enjoy your time here.
You got four years, these are the best years of your life.
And then, you're.

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