Waking the Dead (2000): Defending the USA

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Published 14 Jan 2012
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The clip Defending the USA from Waking the Dead (2000) with Billy Crudup, John Carroll Lynch

Francisco and Gisela Higgens, I'd like you to meet my right arm here...
...Sarah Williams and her friend, Fielding Pierce.
It's an honor, really. I hope we can be of service to you.
What about you? Another good Catholic?
Not at all.
If it weren't for some great churchmen we wouldn't be here to speak out...
...and our friends, Gustavo and Seny, would be in prison or dead.
So, what do you do?
Fielding wants to be a senator.
Well, well. A senator.
With so many of your politicians showing their corruption...
...I am surprised to see someone from the youth...
...who chooses to follow their example.
Do you really believe that I'm going into politics...
...so I can become a corrupt son of a bitch who...
...sells electrodes to the Chilean secret police?
What Gisela means is when you enter a corrupt institution...
...you become part of it.
So you would say, leave politics to the worst America has to offer?
Young man, everything is politics.
Life is politics.
Calling only your elections politics is part of your sickness here.
I am so sick of having to apologize for being an American.
North American.
Oh, God, I'm so sorry. North American.
I can't help noticing that when people run to freedom...
...they tend to wash up on North American shores.
This country is the best we've been able to do in the history of the planet.
You can't be serious.
We know our government plays rough. Of course it does. All governments do.
But when you compare it to a country like Chile...
...where even the leaders of the opposition come from the upper class...
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