Waking the Dead (2000): Fielding's Points of View


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The clip Fielding's points of view from Waking the Dead (2000) with Billy Crudup

The thing about Harvard, for...
...somebody from the working class, like us, coming from that background...
...is that there is a terrible sense of isolation, of aloneness there.
Not to mention that I was a year younger than everyone.
It was like walking around campus with "scholarship kid" tattooed on my head.
I do believe, though, that politics can still make a difference.
But you have to become a part of it.
You become one of the people who sends the message to people...
...that lying and corruption in government is wrong.
I know that we think of law as something that is cerebral.
I won't say that it's a courageous stance to take, but it's a....
We know that the war is evil.
It's a way for me not to become disenfranchised, you know, become...
...some radical member who is now in prison--
Should I be taking notes?
Eat your lunch.
Carry on. Sorry.

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