Waking the Dead (2000): Danny's Issues


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The clip Danny's issues from Waking the Dead (2000)

If that's the way you feel, why did you come here?
When I took Kim from the massage parlor, the Koreans were furious.
They wanted her back.
Korean men think, Kim run away...
...maybe other girls run away, too.
I can't get involved with your shit right now.
It's either very fucking stupid of you, or it's sadistic of you to come here.
Wait a minute. It's not that big of a deal.
You cannot be here.
I'm in the middle of an election, and it's going to be close.
And when it's close, it gets ugly.
I don't want to have to explain you, or your girlfriend, to anyone anymore.
Wait. You're a powerful man. You have influence.
Just make a phone call or something--
You're not in my district, Danny.
I am your fucking district.
Who do you think made you what you are? You are me, you fuck!
You close the door on me, you close the door on yourself.
So be it then.
What would you be without us?
Some repulsive combination of...
...Harvard and the Coast Guard stirred up by Isaac Green...
...and his fucking, tight-assed niece.
I'll get a cloth.

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